Hi everyone, my name is

Kate Champion

I'm a Neurodiversity Coach and Consultant

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ADHD coaching is...

Practically Focused

Together, we build a toolbox of skills unique to your strengths


We'll have conversations that are judgement free, meeting you where ever you are at. I've got ADHD too!


Our focus matches your priorities. I'll bring my knowledge and skills to help your growth.

About Me

Having ADHD, dyslexia and experience with anxiety and depression myself, my coaching practice aims to give clients a space to explore the challenges they face and aspirations hold. I love being an ADHD and neurodiversity coach, as it’s a huge privilege to be able to support people to work with themselves rather than against themselves.

I identify as disabled, and I was diagnosed with Dyslexia and later ADHD, and I've experienced both Depression and Anxiety. In my free time, I spend time on my artistic practice.

Kate Champion, Coach


+44 (0) 77 615 03 615

My Background

In university I specialised in Psychology with a BPS ​accredited Natural Sciences Degree from the University of ​Cambridge.

My career background includes a fine art specialisation, ​time as a waitress, and over a year as a studio and ​production assistant for a design agency, before I figured ​out that coaching was my thing! I started coaching in ​August 2020 and haven't looked back.

Kate Champion, Coach


+44 (0) 77 615 03 615

What even is ADHD coaching?

Coaching can mean so many things. It could mean I coach ​football on the weekends which I don't! So what is ADHD ​coaching?

Life coaches specialising in supporting ADHD have grown in ​numbers in response to ADHDers wanting support that is ​tailored to them. Neurotypical solutions often don’t work or ​are even counterproductive for us neurodivergent people.

Coaching aims, through conversation, to find strategies ​that work, improve self knowledge and develop your ​skillset.

What are sessions like?

All of my sessions are different, but they range from ​planning out the week, month, or year to discussions ​about how neurodiversity impacts interpersonal ​relationships.

I focus on practical changes that are achievable and help ​us be our best selves. With ADHD, we can want to change ​everything all at once. it’s not always easy to focus in on ​what to prioritise.

What in the world does working with yourself actually ​looks like? I bring my lived experience and the experience ​of working with clients to help you figure that out. My ​ultimate goal is to get to the point where I'm no longer ​needed as you are the best coach for you.